Our finest products


A small, cone shaped date with a distinctive crisp dark brown-black outer skin. Soft in texture, it easily melts in your mouth leaving an after taste flavour reminiscent of raisins.
155.00 (SAR)

Khedri Almonds

This heavenly combination of hand picked Khedri dates with perfectly golden roasted almonds is the ideal treat for any sweet tooth. With its velvety toffee centre, it will surely melt your worries away.
110.00 (SAR)

Date Sweet Pastry

Mini date tarts are offered in different flavours some of these are ginger, orange, and chocolate sticks.
95.00 (SAR)

Pistachio Tamreyya

A smooth paste made out of high quality dates, and coated with roasted crushed pistachios.
95.00 (SAR)